Monday, September 19, 2011

In the past four months we have:
-left the great state of Utah (glory be, I thought that day may never come!)
-lived with my family for the summer
-spent many a summer day riding the trolley's of Laguna Beach and catching some rays in the sand
-house boat trip to lake Mead
-ate at Baja Fish Tacos at least twice a week
-moved to Coronado
-husband started law school at University of San Diego
-I started an internship with Amorology Wedding

Currently we are:
-trying to spend any free time together we can, as Travis spends 6 days a week in school and/or studying
-riding our bikes everywhere in town, as is Coronado custom
-slowly decorating our apartment
-enjoying our lives in an entirely new environment and finding all our new favorite places to eat, shop, see, etc
-looking for a part time job for me
-training for another 10k, followed by another half marathon followed by full marathon, although not sure about the last one for me. yikes!

Here are some slim pickins photos I took with my iPhone (minus the coronado bridge shot) of this summer. I haven't been great at documenting lately:

Life is good. We love Coronado, seriously... we think it's the best place on earth. And although our apartment lacks modern amenities such as a dishwasher, washer and dryer and air conditioning, it makes up for it with it's old school charm and serious location, location, location! Did I tell you we live a block away from the beach?! So worth washing the dishes by hand.

My birthday is tomorrow and I really want a dog, not just any dog, this darling, dearest most adorable dog:
Okay not this exact dog, but you know what I mean. We only have a small problem of not being allowed to have animals in our apartment, not having any type of yard for the dog and also money to buy the maybe these are big problems. So maybe I won't get my dog tomorrow? A girl can dream...
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