Thursday, May 27, 2010

Diaries of a Foody

Here is a problem: When family of friends come to visit, you consider it a "vacation" to eat whatever you like while they are here. After all, what kind of hostess would you be if you didn't? A boring one that's for sure. So you hit up all the finest Provo has to offer and you do so with no regrets. Feeling so justified in these piggy ways because you have to be the good tour guide. Where is the problem in that you ask? Here it is: Here at the Easton Establishment we seem to be having visitors every other weekend these days. Holy cow... literally.

The recent visitor (AKA Diet Sabatoger) : The Jan Claw. She spent the weekend on our blow up matress in apartment #28 and we partied. Magleby's breakfast, in-n-out, Letter's to Juliet, late night private party for 4 at The Slab ( oh SOOO tasty), Series finale Lost sob fest (To which I spend every night since discussing the show with my husband until the wee hours of the morning. Call me crazy, it was THAT good) Don't let me get off track...and then we ate some A LOT more. This happens every time someone comes into town. I love it. I hate it. But mostly I love it.

We miss you Jan Claw, but my bootie thanks you!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day Dreaming Wednesday

I love Wednesdays because it means there are only 2 more days till its Friday and Friday means its weekend time, and weekends are simply the bomb. And this weekend Robin Hood comes out and my main squeeze is dying to see it, so you know where we will be Friday night.

I also like this Wednesday in particular because I am wearing yellow, and although, "yellow just isn't in your color wheel dear" as my darling grandma would like to tell me (something to do with my usual vampire complexion or something) today it makes me feel happy, because it reminds me summer is a comin, and I don't really mind that I look like some type of bumble bee.

Today is also nice because in one hour it will be five in the evening and at five in the evening as all us worker bee's know is quiting time, and I get to spend my evenings with my main squeeze, the hubbie. This is the best part of everyday of course! He is after all  as Paul Child put so well, "the butter to my bread and the breath to my life"

Today, on this particular day dreaming Wednesday, I feel grateful for my life and all I have, which is a whole lot of amazingly wonderfulness.

ta ta for now!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hi Mama Claw and Mama Easton!

We love you and miss you! Happy Mother's Day! We have the best mother's and mother's in law in the whole world! This is an actual fact. We can't wait to visit you soon!