Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Half Marathon and such

All pumped up right before the race! blurry phone pictures rock!

This past weekend we ran our first half marathon. I have never been a big runner and if you asked me this time last year if I could run 1 mile I would say maybe on a good day. So the fact that we ran 13.1 (yes the .1 counts) miles was a pretty big accomplishment for us. The Mr. used to think running for fun was the stupidest thing he had ever heard, but since we have pushed through the painful "I am so out of shape I can't breath" stage running has become something enjoyable that we like to do together. Emphasis on Like not Love people, we ain't crazies.

We went up to Salt Lake and stayed over night up there before the race to make a fun trip of it all. We carbo loaded on delicious pasta at Biaggi's and did a little shopping. Saturday was race day and we got up bright and early with perfectly mild weather which made me oh so happy! I am proud to say we ran all 13.1 miles and did not stop and walk ever. From mile one to ten I was having a blast people watching and enjoying the mountain air but at about mile eleven I was really feeling the pounding pavement in my hips and ankles and I was ready to be done. The Mr. wanted to really pick up the pace the last 2 miles but I just could not keep up. I finally told him to leave me, as I said a few choice curse words under my breath at him for being way more energized and happy at mile eleven then I was. Running into downtown Salt Lake and coming through the Gateway really got me excited again and I forgot about the pain and ran as fast as I could to the finish line. Hurray we made it! We really had a blast running the half marathon and plan to do more in the future. I used to think if I could run a half marathon I could totally run a full marathon, but now I am not so sure my body can handle it. 13 miles was pretty rough on this old bag of bones and I am not sure I want to know what another 13 miles could do to me! So kudos to all you marathoners out there, I salute you.
Hurray we finished and got cool medals!
 Ever been to Bruges Waffle and Frites in Salt Lake? Best authentic Belgium Waffles ever. 13 mile run + waffles and chocolate sauce = serious food coma.